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Half-forgotten heirlooms and the misremembered.  Past, present and future all at once.  Performative whims born of pseudoscience, bedroom witchcraft and misinterpreted ritual - all filtered through a childhood dressing-up box.  This is Aled Simons’ practice.


Lost and forgotten photographs recreated from memory.  Charged totems.  Hundreds and Thousands, joke shop vomit and a homemade Hulk Hogan costume from 1991.  Imagine a drumroll that goes on forever, the joke gets old fast, it’s like a fanfare for an event that may never happen, or that is happening over and over and over again.


A dream in which you strip naked in the living room of your grandparent’s council house.  You are nude, jumping from armchair to settee, then from settee back to armchair singing Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh or Cliff Richard’s Living Doll - the one with The Young Ones.  Aled Simons is an Artist.

Aled Simons #dadtits
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